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Families on the Fox, LLC is a for-profit website (owned by Chrissy Somers) that provides free content through paid partnerships. This website and affiliated social media pages also contain non-paid mentions of our partners, and other local businesses when applicable to our audience. 

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Meet Chrissy

REAL wife.

REAL mother.

REAL friend.


I am a proud wife to a go-getter hubby and a lucky mama to three vivacious daughters.  I am BEYOND grateful to live here in the tri-cities because of the family-friendly vibe and active lifestyles of the people all around me. There are SO MANY events and things to do in our area, but sometimes I found this to be completely overwhelming. That’s why I started Families on the Fox!

I was an English teacher for nearly a decade, but after having my third daughter, my husband and I decided that it would be best if I stayed at home because teacher pay doesn't pay the bills when you have three kids with daycare needs. It only took me two weeks as a stay at home mom to realize residents and families in this area, like myself, NEEDED a resource that could serve as a one stop shop for ALL THINGS tri-cities.


I am CONSTANTLY updating this site with new restaurants, new shops, new businesses, and daily events.  Whether you have human babes, no babes, old babes, young babes, or furry ones, this site will help you get to know your town and get connected to your community. There are so many local gems that might remain hidden to you if you don’t get out and #ExploreMore!

#LoveWhereYouLive and share your tri-city adventuring with me on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @FamiliesOnTheFox!

P.S. I am an OPEN BOOK about ALL THE THINGS.  If you want a dose of #RealTalk from a local, follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

The family photo you see here was taken by Ashley with Red Maple Photography, and the headshot was taken by Jen with Fox + Grey Photography.  Check out their sites below and tell them Chrissy sent you!   

Your guide for ALL THINGS kid, family, and adulting FUN!

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Proudly serving and supporting the west and far west suburbs of chicago

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