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Dating in Batavia | BLOODY MARY BAR CRAWL

Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary on Sunday mornings?!

I’ve researched and tested LOADS of Bloody Mary’s around the tri-cities (you’re welcome) and came up with a list of the top five bars in each town that serve up a good rendition of this Sunday Funday Favorite! Pick one bar or get your friends together and do a Bloody Mary Bar Crawl!

Either way, be smart and UBER home because you’ll want to try ALL of these Bloody’s! CHEERS!

***Prices are valid Sundays only unless otherwise noted***

Bulldogs Cellar Bar & Grill | 1 E Wilson Street, Batavia, IL | (630) 406-9177


GARNISHES: Olives and a pickle

Wilson Street Tavern | 105 E. Wilson Street, Batavia, IL | (630) 482-3200


GARNISHES: Olives, lemons

River’s Edge Bar & Grill | 12 N. River Street, Batavia, IL | (630) 406-9200


GARNISHES: Olives, lemons, and limes

Bar Evolution | 27 N. River Street, Batavia, IL | (630) 454-4315

PRICE: $6 (everyday price)GARNISHES: Blue cheese olive, lime, and lemon

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